(and adults, too!)

Some of our songs are pure scripture memory, some are biblically based,
but all of them are fun and filled with the truths of God!

I am working on printed sheet music for all of these songs as we speak.
They should be done by the end of May 2011, but will be individually available
up to that point, as they are finished. **ALL SHEET MUSIC IS EMAILED TO YOU AS AN ADOBE .PDF FILE

Once available, sheet music will be $7.00 per song,
but that includes the permission to make unlimited copies for your group.

As soon as the sheet music is done, it will be available for order right here through paypal.

Click below to hear some samples:

Where Your Treasure Is, Your Heart Will Be Also!

Jesus Said Knock

John 3:16

Honor Your Father and Mother

Fear the Lord and Serve Him

I've Been Crucified With Christ

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Behold O Lord

Any other questions, or requests for new songs based on certain scriptures, just email us at: